Soulful 9ths Chord Progression

I have discovered some new on-screen piano software and wanted to show it by displaying some of my chords. This Neo Soul Chord Progression consists mainly of 9th chords. It begins with Eb minor however there are a number of key changes along the way. The chord display often shows 11th and 13th however that is simply because it am extending and voicing with my right hand. I am simply playing similar notes to the chord with my right hand and creating random melodies.

Check out the video below

Check out the front page to download many more

6 thoughts on “Soulful 9ths Chord Progression”

  1. You might also find Midiculous useful. It’s free now. You can find it on the gospel musicians website or just search for midiculous.

    1. This actually is Midiculous I was diverted to the link from the Gospel Musicians site. The layout seems it be different from before. I like it though.

  2. Beautiful sounding progressions there. I would like to more about how to use the right hand and how the get the correct melodies.

    1. Thank you. I generally have a habit of mirroring the left hand chord onto the right hand and voicing it as random melodies from there. Something work, other don’t. Once you learn the scales it becomes easier. Otherwise simply mirror the left hand chord or select a few keys from it.

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