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I am lucky to have a friend here in Japan who has a small studio in his home. Partially sound proof too.

At the moment I am working on a Neo Soul track track with a singer. We have been rehearsing in the studio and decided it was time to record. The studio is not too far from me, it is in Ebina, Kanagawa. We did a recording but it was more like a learning process for us all. The recording equipment was nice, and the output was perfect. We did a few takes.

Now the next stage is tidying everything up. The volumes of the recordings were rather different. I tried doing automation with the volume levels but it just didn’t sound right. So I decided to treat the volumes using compression and some automation.  I simply boosted up the lower volumes and had the compressor kick in once it reached a certain level.

The next stage I am working on is the pitch levels. There were some places here and there with very minor incorrect notes. Using Melodyne, correction was quick and easy without sounding unnatural.

A difficult challenge I am facing in the de-essing with the “S” and “T” sounds. I am using a combination of Melodyne and EQ again to try and sort that out.

Draft track below.

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  1. You are lucky. That’ll save you a whole lot of money. I do all my recording projects at friends or families cribs.

  2. You can use Waves De-esser plugins, as they work really well for clicks and pops and sibilants. Nice work you got going there.

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