The need for Apple Loops

I have a had a couple requests recently to make the MIDI files compatible for Apple Loops. As I do not use a Mac that is not possible however I work with people who do use Mac’s and could possibly get them converted.

Since the requests are very small I was wondering what the real benefit was to having an Apple Loops format. I do know that certain producers do look down on people who use Apple Loops packs however I would have thought that it is no different than using regular loop packs. I guess it’s the typical commercial sounding loops that people may frown upon.

I am aware of the convenience of Apple Loops though. I understand that you can browse through the folder previewing the sounds without having to drag the MIDI files onto a track. However I have also spoken to people have no problem simply suing the MIDI as regular files.

Purchase a MacBook Pro

I have always flirted with the idea of purchasing a used MacBook in order to be able to create or convert files into a format for Apple Loops. Here in Japan, people really look after electronic equipment and you can pick up brand new looking used items for almost half the cost. However it is simply an idea at this stage. I need my database of sounds to grow first.



4 thoughts on “The need for Apple Loops”

  1. Apple loops do make life easier for users of Logic and / or Garage Band if you use the Loops browsing system.
    However standard files should be no problem if your are familiar with DAWs.

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