The switch to iPhone for music

Until now I had always been a fan of the Android and had always purchased Android phone over iPhones. However my opinion changed when a friend showed me some music production apps on his iPhone. What immediately stood out was the fact that there was almost no latency. As many are aware, the latency from Android phone is still awful at this time. Hopefully the big Android makers such as Samsung and Song can improve this in the near future but Apple products have never had this issue.

I use a PC for music production and I will be sticking to that. However the iPhone with Garage Band and Caustic etc. seems great for making sketching when I am out and about. I may even purchase a micro USB MIDI keyboard.

Another thing I noticed is the smoothness. The iPhone seems to clean up background tasks better than the Android. The Android definitely needed more maintenance to keep it running smoothly. As a casual developer, the Android was easy to poke around with and manipulate due to it’s open source structure. Open source meaning it can be freely manipulated, therefore performance will differ from hardware to hardware. The iPhone iOS is designed for use with the iPhone only making it seem more stable.

Competing Androids 

However I never really gave some of the newer Android models a chance. On paper they definitely look better than iPhones in terms of specs. e.g. resolution and camera. However I feel that they will begin to slow down after use due to applications using up too much resources as usual.

3 thoughts on “The switch to iPhone for music”

  1. I have been with Apple for over 20 years and will never change. Even with computers, the Mac Book Pro is may not be as powerful as some power house PCs these days but it’s stable and consistent for music production. PC’s and of course Androids performance is too inconsistent between machine.

  2. Androids do definitely suck when it comes to music production. I wouldn’t say it was the OS, the hardware makers need to step up their games.

  3. Apple has always been the major player for music production. PCs are fine too, however a low spec Mac can easily out do a higher spec PC with music applications. MAC’s are expensive though.

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