Moonchild Voyager Album review

I had to get this album as soon as it was released the other day. I have always been a fan however I knew this album was going to be special from hearing their recent video – cure. The first thing I noticed is how the intro from the video is split into a separate track. A good thing I suppose for people who just want to get into the 2nd track – Cure.

It then changes pace a little for the 6am track, a very atmospheric relaxing song. The following track “Every Part” picks up the pace again with a funky swing and a lovely horns section towards the end of the song. The track after that “Hideaway” has a very funk Rhodes rhythm and chord arrangement of course accompanied by soft and sweet vocals. The next track is a little more up tempo reminiscent of a Jill Scott type of vibe. I especially love the filtered Rhodes / Piano sound at the beginning of the track.

There is a pleasant mixture of sounds, rhythms and moods in the following tracks. Enough to get the whole album on repeat for some time. Following their other albums I do feel that they have really matured as musicians, also vocally with the lead singer. A group such as this definitely needs for exposure and I am looking forward to seeing them at the Tokyo Jazz festival this year. I believe I missed them last time at the cotton club.

A definite addition for all Soul / R&B / Jazz / Neo Soul lovers.   But do check out the other albums too.

4 thoughts on “Moonchild Voyager Album review”

  1. Love this album too. In fact I like all the stuff they have put out but this one is definitely the best.

  2. I have been a fan since last year and have listened to all of their albums, and to add just saw them at the Mercury Lounge in NYC 6/2/2017. They are AMAZING Live and very down to earth as i got to meet them after the show. The new album Voyager is by far one of the best Albums my ears have ever heard. It’s on repeat in my house, my car, at work… I haven’t stopped listening to it. It’s Funky, soulful, and the lyrics… I’m dealing with the very things that Amber soulfully sings about, so it hits me on an emotional level too… OMG!!! It is the first album in many, many years that I can listen to every song and not have skip through. Love, Love, Love Moonchild and I hope they get the exposure and love that they deserve. I’m their #1 Fan FOR LIFE!!!

    1. I feel you there, definitely my favourite album from them. Frequently listening to it also. They are playing in Japan in September I believe so I will be definitely going to see them. Fist time to see them live.

      1. It will definitely be an experience you will not forget, especially when they play their instruments and Amber belts those notes out… I hope that you enjoy! Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

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