Moonchild Voyager Album review

I had to get this album as soon as it was released the other day. I have always been a fan however I knew this album was going to be special from hearing their recent video – cure. The first thing I noticed is how the intro from the video is split into a separate track. A good thing I suppose for people who just want to get into the 2nd track – Cure.

It then changes pace a little for the 6am track, a very atmospheric relaxing song. The following track “Every Part” picks up the pace again with a funky swing and a lovely horns section towards the end of the song. The track after that “Hideaway” has a very funk Rhodes rhythm and chord arrangement of course accompanied by soft and sweet vocals. The next track is a little more up tempo reminiscent of a Jill Scott type of vibe. I especially love the filtered Rhodes / Piano sound at the beginning of the track.

There is a pleasant mixture of sounds, rhythms and moods in the following tracks. Enough to get the whole album on repeat for some time. Following their other albums I do feel that they have really matured as musicians, also vocally with the lead singer. A group such as this definitely needs for exposure and I am looking forward to seeing them at the Tokyo Jazz festival this year. I believe I missed them last time at the cotton club.

A definite addition for all Soul / R&B / Jazz / Neo Soul lovers.   But do check out the other albums too.

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