New Track ft. Ann Suzuki

Check out the new track I produced featuring the awesome Japanese singer Ann Suzuki. This was recorded here in Japan in a friends studio in Kanagawa. This is the first of many tracks to come featuring Ann Suzuki. We intend to do some live performances here in Japan this year. The guitar was played by Matteo Parente, an awesome guitarist, see the link to his stuff hereĀ


4 thoughts on “New Track ft. Ann Suzuki”

  1. Wow!, with my eyes closed she sound like a sister. She is very sweet with it. I listened to it a few times. When does her album come out? And beautiful music production! I’m inspired!

    1. Thanks, I will tell her that, she will be over the moon. We are slowly but surely working on other tracks, also trying to get musicians ready for live performances.

  2. Awesome track.

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