Best Keyboard for Neo Soul

Last weekend I went to the studio to rehearse some songs we are planing to do live performances. It was the first time to play with two new found members. The awesome female drummer Kana, and a cool funky bassist Courtney. Ann of course was on the vocals.

Due to the bad rain, I didn’t want to bring my Korg Keyboard so I rented a Nord Electro keyboard from the studio. Boy, that is an amazing piece of music hardware. It only has three main sounds, piano, synth and Electric piano however that electric piano was awesome. I gave the setting a little tweak and got the perfect growl and attitude from my playing. I love the feel of the keybed too. It was a 61 key semi-weighted keyboard however they keys had a good sturdy springy feel to them. The keyboard can of course be used for all genres of music, however I feel it is a must for R&B, Neo Soul. I know a lot of people here in Japan who do use it.

I do really like the KORG SV1, which is cheaper but the Nord is a different animal for the sounds. With the loudness of the other instruments in the studio, other Electric Pianos often get buried and muffled through the speaker. But not the Nord, it seems to hit that unique frequency that makes it stand out.

I actually forgot to record the session, I definitely will next time. The Nord Stage piano is the big boy of the series, however it costs big bucks too. I think the Nord Electro 5D is a reasonable next purchase.

2 thoughts on “Best Keyboard for Neo Soul”

  1. I purchased an Nord Electro 2 some time back, love that keyboard. The feel, the sounds everything. Looking to get the Electro 5D soon. Perfect for gigs.

  2. I would really like the Nord Stage Piano, however that is a little pricey. I do love the sound and feel of these, plus they stand out with that red colour.

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