Neo Soul Melodies

My next project will be a series of Soulful Melodies. I am going be laying down some melodies over chords which can be used as the basis for vocals for solos etc.

The main purpose of the melodies is to show you how they follow the key changes. Many people are using my chord progressions but putting incorrect sounding  melodies, vocals, baselines  etc. over them.  Most Neo Soul sounding chords have at least one “borrowed” or out of scale chord. This can easily throw you off constructing a melody or trying to play a solo.

My chord loops will have various examples of how melodies can fit over them. I will do my best to emphasize where the key changes are which is very important for vocalists and solos. The chords and the melodies will be in both WAV and MIDI format. You will be able to simply drag the MIDI into your favourite DAW and use what ever instrument you like. I am using a synth for my examples since they stand out in the mix.

A Free download – (WAV and MIDI for both Chords and Melody!!!)

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21 Chord progressions with various melodies in WAV and MIDI available for download

Bookmark your download link – there will be frequent updates!!!!



10 thoughts on “Neo Soul Melodies”

  1. Nice, I am looking forward to these. I do often have troubles getting the right melodies and basslines for the complex chord progressions

  2. Hello,
    I appreciate what you are doing on this site. This project is a great concept, however I feel it would be more useful if you were to explain what you’re doing here. Maybe you could type something up or record a video (or videos) explaining why you’re playing particular notes and when the melody changes key etc.

    For example you could say “I start off playing in the key of X, and the melody is in the same key. The second chord is a ‘borrowed’ chord and when I play this chord, I only play melody notes that the two chords have in common. The 3rd chord is diatonic to the key of X, so here I am free to use any of the notes from that scale again.”

    Just as an example. That may or may not be what you actually do, but an explanation for whatever it is that you are doing would be helpful I’m sure to everyone.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your thoughts. I was actually considering doing that, and now that you have reminded me that is definitely on the table. I will probably start with a video of just the one example first. I really want to emphasize hitting the NEW notes of borrowed chords, rather than continuing with share notes.

  3. Fantastic purchase yet again i love your work Sir always great !!!! And just to verify they are all royalties free ?
    Thank you Daron

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