Nord Electro 5D

I have been wanting this keyboard for some time and now I finally have it. I had often heard it on stage and the keys just seem to cut through everything else. I purchased the Nord Electro 5D 61 semi-weighted  key version. It has the waterfall key key bed which I prefer much more than the diving board style keys on my Korg Krome. The heavier keys seem to help with rhythm when I am playing solos. Also I can be more expressive when I am playing too.

The Nord is definitely going to be my gig keyboards however I still like the Korg for some of the sounds, especially the lead synths and the drums. If possible I’d like to use them both for a live performance.

At present I have both keyboards hooked up to my Audio Interface at the same time via Audio in.  The Nord also has direct MIDI in and out connection to the interface. The Korg can control MIDI via USB.

Going forward I have going to be recording a lot of my chord progressions using the Nord Electro instead of the Korg and VSTs. See below for a little demo.

Nord Demo from Soulful Keys on Vimeo.

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  1. Awesome keyboards they are. I have the Nord Stage 2 which I love and has similar sounds. However the stage doesn’t have the organ drawbards like the 5D.

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