Neo Soul Chords with Nord Electro

Here is another video of me playing the EPiano on the Nord Electro. I have the Nord on the left and am using the Korg on the right for the lean synth. My audio interface supports multi inputs so I can record both keyboards at the same time in separate tracks. I do this using Ableton live.

This is part of a track we may perform on stage here in Japan.

The chord progressions are below stating off in the key of Abmaj.

Abmaj7th, Fmin7th, Dmin7th, Bmin7th / F,

Abmaj7th, Fmin7th, Ebmin7th, Bmin7th / F

Check out the front page (bottom) to download many more melodies.


6 thoughts on “Neo Soul Chords with Nord Electro”

  1. You can split the Nord and set the right part of the keyboard for melodies and solos. You can turn the damper pedal off too for the split.

    1. Yeah, I have been playing around with the split function too. Pretty neat as it also displays a light where the split starts. I also wanted to see how it feels playing two different keyboard as some people tend to do on stage

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