Kontakt Neo Soul Instruments

I have recently purchased a copy of Native Instruments Kontakt and am looking to create some soulful chord progression instruments. These will not only play chords, they will be able to filter certain notes to trigger whole chords within a given selected key. I plan to use a colour coding system to help people create chords. For each key, blues notes will be the standard notes within that key. Green note will be recommended but out of key  (borrowed chord) for that extra tension. Keys not to use will be blacked out. You will also be able to select different chords for each of the keys. The colours on the keyboard will again indicate blue, green or black.

I have briefly used Kontakt in the past but I still need to play around with the interface to get a little more familiar before I design an instrument. Especially the KSP scripting language which is rather new for me.

Do note however, you will need the full version of Kontakt in order to fully use the instruments. Otherwise they will be locked in demo mode.

Previously I had been playing around with other VST creation software e.g. Synthedit but I found it too fiddly and cumbersome to use. Also with Synthedit, the output VSTs could only be used in Windows. Kontakt instruments can be used by both PC and Mac.


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  1. Looking forward to this, seems a very useful tool. I have Native Instruments Komplete, so I guess I will be able to use this plugin?

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