FREE Soul Chord Machine

The Beta test version is here for both PC and MAC – play soulful chords using just one key.

I am sharing this for FREE as it is simply a test version with only the one key (Cmin / Eb maj) for now.

The Soulful Chord Machine is a MIDI effect instrument for use with Native Instruments Kontakt. It works by generating chord progressions from single key presses. There will be 12 instruments each with their own key.

How to Use

The bottom Kontakt keyboard will show each key represented by a colour. The below example is the scale of C minor.




Black – not active i.e. pressing a black key will not output any MIDI data

Blue – A chord part of the given scale

Green – A chord outside the scale (borrowed chord) however recommended as part of a possible progression

Red – A chord outside the scale

You are free to change the chord for each key using the appropriate knob. The colours on the onscreen keyboard will automatically change to reflect the status as mentioned above.



Further instructions and details in the PDF file included with the download.

Do note that this does not output sounds by itself. It is a MIDI effect instrument. The output needs to be routed to the input of an instrument VST, or simply MIDI out itself to control hardware.

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*** Update ***

The FULL version is now available at the below link.

Soulful Chord Machine

35 thoughts on “FREE Soul Chord Machine”

  1. Very useful instrument however I couldn’t get the beta version to play anything. Maybe because I am using the Free Kontakt player?

    1. Do note that this will not play any sound alone. It needs to be routed via your DAW. One MIDI track for the Kontakt Instrument and another track for the output. The second MIDI track should be set to read the incoming MIDI from the Kontakt track.
      I am making a YouTube video to explain this in more detail for use with Ableton Live, FL Studio and Reaper.

  2. The idea sounds great but I haven’t quite figured out how to get the sound to come thru. I have the full version of Kontakt and I use Ableton live. Tried setting it up with a VST and nothing so far. I’ll be on the look out for the Youtube video you you release it

    1. Hi you will need the Full Version of contact if you want to use the inbuilt sounds for more than 15mins. However if you route it to MIDI out then you can record the MIDI notes directly to your DAW. That way you can simply save the MIDI data. If Kontakt stops after 15 mins you can simply reload and you will still have the MIDI data in your DAW.

  3. hello~sorry i mean ‘The FULL Soulful Chord Machine” is that same? cause i can not comment on that page~ thank you so much~

    1. You mean through your DAW correct. It needs to be routed correctly via a MIDI track. Which DAW are you using? Different DAWs have different ways to route. It basically needs to into a MIDI track (From Kontakt) and then send back out to another track eg VST or external MIDI.

    2. My DAW is Cubase Pro 9.
      MIDI track 1 In (All MIDI Inputs) / Out (Kontakt in)
      MIDI track 2 In (Kontakt out) / Out (VST Instrument)

      Even if I click the keyboard of Kotakt screen, Soulful Chord Machine will sound only one sound.

      1. Are you using a PC or MAC?

        Also the Free Demo version or the Full version of Chord Machine?

        The Free Demo version has no internal sounds, it has to be routed out like you have.
        The paid version has sounds. Which will sound out “single” chord sounds, only for the keys which is highlighted blue or green I am trying it now on a friends computer.

        I don’t use Cubase however most VSTs cannot handle internal MIDI routing for effects (for some strange reason).
        If your MIDI track 2 was going externally, then the MIDI signals (chords) would sound in that instrument eg keyboard.

        If Cubase works like the other DAWs, then you may need a 3rd track to handle the MIDI data.

        MIDI 1 – Kontakt (Chords Machines) – send out to MIDI 2
        MIDI 2 -> receives MIDI 1 date and sends to MIDI 3 (or external Hardware)
        MIDI 3 -> Vst instrument



        Let me know how it goes.

          1. I wanted to look at the first issues.
            Are using the Free Version? If so we can go back to looking at the MIDI routing. I will download Cubase LTE and try it out my self.
            The Free version does not have sounds internally.

  4. Thank you for your support.

    I am using a free version.
    I tried to purchase the paid version after trying the free version.

    Even if you click the keyboard of the Kotakt screen, Soulful Chord Machine will sound only a single note. Is this normal?

    1. If you are using the Free Version there will be no sound via Kontakt itself.
      You should hear chords via the VST depending on how you have routed it.
      I will try with Cubase later on.

  5. Hi Mr,

    I would like to buy and use this product but I am afraid I will not be able to use it. I have win10, cubase 8, komplete 9.
    What do you think?
    And also ask if you have any tutorial how to use this product with cubase?
    Many thanks!!!

    1. If you have komplete then you should be able to use my software, however I have not tested it yet with cubase

        1. I found the way to try the demo version but my problem is i can not make sound.
          i tried many things but the chords dont want to come out? :S

          Please let me/us know how does it work with cubase, pliiiz 🙂

          1. Unfortunately I have have Cubase to test, I will need to check with a friend who has Cubase. However most DAWs work pretty much the same. The DEMO version is only a MIDI effect, no sounds. You will need at least two tracks on the your DAW. One for Kontakt and the other could be a Piano or Rhodes VST. The input of the VST would be the output of the Kontakt track.
            Inside Kontakt you would also need to check the “Send to outside” box.

      1. Thank you!
        I ve tried everything but i can not make it works. :S
        I want to buy and use your product but i wont buy until im sure it work. 🙁
        I just wish you or someone from here will can help me.


        1. Now i tried with Ableton too and it does not work still… :S
          I use Win10, Behringer u-phoria um 2 and one midi keyboard (akai lpk 25) there is no opcion to select midi output just lpk25 or microsoft GS Wavetable synth.
          What do you think? How can i solve this things? :O

          I am sorry for my many questions but i really want to work on… :S

          Thank you!

  6. Hey Master,

    I decided to buy your app, i will need an other audio device but until i have, i can use it with your sounds.
    Very good stuff!
    But i still have one question… :O 🙂
    I can not save my setups, i did in ableton, i did in Kontakt “save as…” and “save multi as…” also but i always have to setup my chords again. how is it possible to save my chords what i have choosen in your app?

    Thanks very much!


    1. Thank you for the purchase, I did not realize that the chords were not saving , I will need to look into that again. I was assuming most people would be exporting the MIDI chords into their DAW and then manipulating from there.

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