New Guitar

I am now the owner of a guitar since a local colleague was giving his away. It is a semi-acoustic Ovation guitar, I hadn’t played the guitar in over 20 years. I am nowhere near the level I am with my keyboard however I am starting to get the grips of it again.

I believe that my general music theory from the piano or keyboard would help me. However the physical side of playing the guitar seems to be a challenge at the moment. I find physically playing the piano much easier since you only need to press keys. If you can’t reach any keys you can always play inversions like I do with 9th chords. With the guitar, many chords are physically hard to play, like F major for example.

I will get use to it again and hopefully will be able to play similar chords to that of the piano and put them into some of my productions.

Being semi-acoustic, I was able to connect the guitar to my Audio interface. For there I was playing around the numerous guitar effects via Ableton Live. I had my headphones on to hear the sound however I need to remember that it is an Acoustic guitar therefore it does play sound as well. Once I get back into the swing of things I may even purchase an electric guitar too. Hopefully the callouses I may get on my finger tips will not affect my keyboard playing.

The guitar sounds pack of course is not played by myself.


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