Guitar and Keys Jam

I don’t really play the guitar much however I did as a child. I was given a nice acoustic guitar the other week from a coworker so I decided to make some use of it. I figured that I could use my Piano music knowledge to work out chords on the guitar. It does help to some extent, however I am unable to visualize and work out new chord on the guitar like I can on the keyboard.  I am having to Google chords and various fret positions. I also noticed that most simple guitar songs are written in the keys of Gmaj, Emaj or Amaj, the keys which I dislike on the keyboard. I prefer keys such as Abmaj, Cmin, Gmin etc and they flow with the natural position of the fingers.

Below is a simple chord progression I played on the guitar, Dmaj, Cmaj and Bbmaj. The guitar I have is acoustic but it has an electric pick up jack so can plug it into my audio interface. In Ableton Live I recorded it in clip mode and had it on repeat. I just play the same chords over it using my Nord.




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    1. It’s actually an Electric Acoustic type. It may be difficult to see but I have a cable connected from the base of the guitar to my Audio interface. Set it to record 4 bars then repeat. Not as clean as using a good mic with guitar setup but decent enough.

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