Nice Nord EP Setting

I have been playing around with various settings on the Nord Electro 5D. I tend to stick to the same sounds, however certain presets are not good for live / studio environments. Recording using DAW is never an issue, however for live performances the sounds can easily be drowned out by the bass, drums, vocals etc. Turning up the volume just increases the general muddiness.

A good patch I have discovered is the EPiano 3 Mk II. Bit of a rougher sound than some of the other EP’s however it definitely cuts through the mix in a live environment. As per the below pictures give it a little “drive” and turn on the treble Eq so that the solos on the right hand stand out more, without having to up the volume.

Check out an the sample below to listen

Check the front page for the WAV and MIDI downloads.

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  1. I still have the Electro 3, play live all the time. I guess it’s due for an upgrade soon though. Love the Nords.

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