Japanese Karaoke is not just for singing

When we think about Karaoke we aromatically assume singing along to popular instrumentals. That sure is the case, how in Japan, the country of Karaoke, there is much more. In fact, there are features that many Japanese are not even aware off.

First of you can hire / rent a professional musician who can help you with your singing. He or she will often bring in a guitar and try to help you improve your overall score. Joysound, the biggest Karaoke production company has an excellent pitch monitoring system and will base a score from it.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually bring and plug in a musical instrument. A Keyboard, guitar or even bass can be plugged into the console on certain systems. You would need to check which shop support these. This can be done online.

Plug in your own instruments

If you see blow (it’s all in Japanese) however pressing the icon with the red circle brings up even more options.  Such as a Guitar and Bass tuner!! There is also a software effect unit 12 different presets to choose from (on the Joysound system). See below for the displays

What I think is really cool though it the chord display option, perfect for learning the songs – see below.

There is also an application on the iOS and Android which links your smarts devices to the Joysound interface in the Karaoke booth. This allows you to play virtual instruments along with your favorite songs.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Karaoke is not just for singing”

  1. They certainly go all out in Japan with the Karaoke. People even use them for your own band rehearsals and even business meeting, due to the price.

  2. It’s cool how they got all the latest English songs too. They have the Japanese phonetics written with it, not the actual translation. But that’s cool coz Japanese can easily sing along if they are not familiar with the lyrics.

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