Mellow Tonin’ “You” feat. Soulful Keys

You know you never knew musical fusion using keys, bass lines, and rhymes could be this amusing. This is the laid back diss track you lacked. Warm organs and subtle vocals let you relax. The impromptu piano stays anchored by the steady bass. Well said, well played, well paced.

Mellow Tonin’ is an eclectic collective made up of a trio of multifaceted artists offering a unique take on hip hop. Known individually as Soulful Keys, Brother 73rd, and Geno, the members hail from England, Detroit, and Los Angeles, respectively. Soulful Keys brings a smooth layer to the mix with his chords, beats, and melodies. Brother 73rd contributes the thumping bass grooves and beats to ride with. Geno provides beats and an uncanny rhyme style. The combination is an amalgamation of musical styles that blend together seamlessly to create a sound that can be described as Lounge Hop. The sonic landscapes are broad, soothing, and encompassing leaving the listener submerged in aural satisfaction.




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