2 Tier Keyboard Stand

I recently purchased a 2 Tier stand for my existing keyboard stand. So now I have my Nord Electro at the bottom, and my Korg Krome at the top. It is must easier to play both keyboards at the same time this way. I have also found out how quicker it is to make quick beats from a hardware sequencer such as the built in one on the Korg Krome. I spend hours banging out quick beats and then playing keys over them. No need to touch a mouse at all. However small minor adjustments and editing is a bit of a pain using hardware.

See below for a video of a beat I just made on the fly.

Tier 2 from Soulful Keys on Vimeo.

Now I have all this space in front of my desk. I want a small 25 key MIDI input keyboard.


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