Ableton Live Neo Soul Session

I have been using Ableton Live for a number of years now, however I have never really taken advantage of the session view. It is actually the TouchAble App which encouraged me to start using the Ableton Live Session view. Until now I have been mainly using the arrangement view to make R&B or Neo Soul beats. TouchAble allows you to easily punch in and out of recording tracks on the session view. You don’t even have to mess around stopping and starting and setting loop points, just record your loop and press the record button again. It will loop to the closest number of beats.  Normally 4, 8 or 16.

Keep and drums and bass etc. looping and then re-record another loop until you are happy. You just need to be careful of the timing, which is where the TouchAble comes handy. Keep your tablet close to your keyboard so you can quickly stop recording after playing.  The rest of the loops keep running though which is extremely handy.

Once you have a collection of nice clips you can drag them over to the arrangement view for finalizing.

Ableton Live Beat Session from Soulful Keys on Vimeo.

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