More Touchable sessions

I love using Touchable so much I have been recording more and more sessions. I noticed that Androids can only connect via WiFi and not USB unlike the iPad. Having a wireless connection in a live performance didn’t seem like a safe option so I considered buying an iPad. However I managed to setup my laptop with a WiFi Direct / Adhoc connection and the connection seems stable. No connection drop outs like the WiFi connection.

I intend to do some performances on stage with a singer however we do not have too many ideas as of yet. Incidentally though I discovered a site¬† this site has 1000’s of vocal phrases sung in different keys by professional singers. I won’t use them in performances but will use them as a guide for the singer. Check out the below video using some of those vocal clips.

Ableton Live Sesh 2 from Soulful Keys on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “More Touchable sessions”

  1. Touchable is very cool and useful, however I do prefer physical buttons like Ableton Push etc. Not sure if I could rely on hardware in the live setup.

  2. Cool, but unless you are wired. It could be dodgy in a live setting with the connection unless you use Ad-Hoc connection

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