R&B Beat using kids Casio

Just an explanation about what’s going on in the YouTube video. The keyboard is a CASIO LK-121 which I bought for my daughter a few years ago. It cost around $200 at the time, however I am obviously not using the sounds from there. The volume is turned all the way down to zero.

The Casio is connected to my Laptop via USB and running Ableton Live (filming this using the Laptop camera and recording audio internally via my Steinberg audio interface).

I am using the tablet as a control surface for Ableton Live. The app I am using is Touchable Pro, available for both iOS and Android.

The chord progression is below.

Ebmin9, Fmin9, Abmin9, Bbmin9 – You can base the whole progression in the key of Eb minor, however the Fmin9 is a borrowed chord.


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