Easy Neo Soul Chords

Allow me to explain this chord progression in more detail.

This starts with the chord Ebmaj7, then straight away goes into some non-diatonic chords. These are Abmin9, Dbmin7,  Gbmaj7.

This works because even though Ebmaj and Abmin are in different keys they share many of the same notes. Abmin, Dbmin and Gbmaj are also not all in the same key but they all share the majority of the black keys there sound well in the progression.

Playing inversions such as the Dbmin7 with the root at Ab helps give that soulful sound. Having the C directly next to the C# resonates differently than having the chord at the standard position.

Download MIDI file


7 thoughts on “Easy Neo Soul Chords”

  1. Very smooth chord progression there. Could I also get the WAV file?
    Would playing all chords on an inversion create a soulful sound? Why only the Dbmaj?

    1. Thanks. I will try and update the link with a download shortly.
      In the case of inversions, it is combination of trail and error and convenience.
      Playing an inverted Dbmaj7 from the Abmin7 very convenient and requires very little finger / hand movement.
      At the same time the two notes adjacent to each other gives a different sound to the chord in the normal position. It doesn’t work for all chords and all inversions.

    1. There are 100’s of progressions in the packs and some similar. I can give you this exact one, if you purchase any track and done hear a similar chord progression.

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