A New Chord System

I am creating a new never seen before, chord progression building system. What makes this method useful is how it encourages you the bend the rules a little. Sticking to the one key will always limit your creations, however finding other chords from difference scales can be rather difficult.

See the below example of a chart which uses a colour code system to indicate where alternative chords can be use.

The top chart shows the famous 2-5-1 progression, being Minor, Dominant, and Major.


Underneath that you can see the same progression but the “1” chord is green. Why green this time?

The green shows you that same chord note is used however it is a different chord type from the regular scale. In other words, instead of playing the Major, you simply play a Minor instead. Just by doing that you will get an interesting sound. A little bit more soulful if you play the 7ths or 9ths.

The whole pack will have many chord progressions using various colours (explained later), also with videos to show how I play the chords, especially with the inversions (very import).

These of course can be applied in any keys.

The next write up will discuss non-diatonic or borrow chords.



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