MAX for Live Chords

I have had Ableton Live and (MAX for Live) for some time now but never considered creating my own applications with it.

MAX for LIVE is a very powerful audio creation tool. Devices can be created with no coding required.

The MAX Chord Machine

I have decided to create a new chords machine based on MAX for Live. I will also do a standalone version for people who do not have Ableton Live. I am primarily a PC user but I will also be creating the device on the MAC so the standalone version can be used on the MAC too.


It will be based of similar principals as the “Soulful Chord Machine” for N.I. Kontakt. You simply select the chord to play and indicators act as colour guides as to which chords are best to use.

This will be a MIDI effect only i.e. no sound output, only MIDI signals. However extremely easy to implement inside Ableton Live. It will trigger whatever MIDI instrument is in the track.



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