New Microphone

I decide to purchase a new microphone, the Shure 57. I don’t really sing or rap however I did need a decent microphone to record my voice for tutorial videos, so I also bought a pop filter.

The Shure 57 is a great sounding microphone on the lower cost scale. It is very sensitive and picks up a great range of frequencies, and only the area in front of the mic. I had my A/C on and it didn’t seem to pick up the which I though was great. One issue I had though, was the thumping sound of my foot pedal for the keyboard. However that was mainly to do with the fact that it was right next to the mic stand on a hard floor. I have now put carpet underneath and it resolved the issue.

The Shure 57 build is more or less the same as the Shure 58, the only difference being the Shure 58 has a built in pop filter. People tend to use the Shure 58 for live performances and the Shure 57 for studio recordings.

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