Learn R&B Chord Voicing

What is chord voicing? Basically put, it is the order of the keys you press when playing a chord. the most simple way is to press on keys at the same time. The most simple chord voicing method would be to hit the keys in order from left to right in a simple arpeggio style as per below.

F major 7

This above gives a little more spice to the chord. More effective voicing can be done by using the keys in the the chord itself to create melodies. It is important to know the scale too so you can extending the voicing with your left hand also. Below is the basic chords and then the voiced version of the same chord progression.

Simple Chords
Voiced Progression

The chord progression is in the key of Db major so I am basically using my left hand to add melodies to the chords using that same key.

Note that this may spice up your chord progressions however be careful if you are expecting artists to sing on your track. A singer may interpret these as a melody and could throw them off any potential melody they would like to sing. I would keep the chords simple and non voiced if you are sending the track to a singer. After hearing the vocals you could then add voicing which can compliment the vocals.

If you have not memorized all the scales on the keyboard, at least memorize the scale for your favorite chords. That way you can practice various voicing techniques for the limited scales.

Check out the Chords and voicing WAV, MIDI and REX files packs below.

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    1. Thanks. REX files can be used in Reason’s REX player also NI Maschine series. They are use full because the waves are split into segments so you speed up and slow down the tempo without having to times-stretch and lose quality.

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