Automatic Chords

A follow up post on the Soulful Chord Machine 2v1.1.

I realized that sending MIDI from external software to VSTs can be rather problematic without some form of work around. I figured that it would be a lot more useful if sounds patching were include in the instrument so I did just that.

8 patches have been included in the instrument, and they now include a “Spread function”. What the “Spread” does is it simply increases the gap between each note which is greater for the guitar type sounds.

I always encourage people to learn the theory behind chords and scales, however there is nothing wrong with adding ready made chords and samples to your production. I know many producer who play instruments well but have preferred to sample other instrument and use loops for certain beats.

With this SCM2, you can easy find smooth chord progressions with the push of one key. No music theory is required, however do take a note of the used key (this can also be changed). Very important if you wish to use other sounds and samples.

Soulful Chord Machine 2v1.1

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