Adding Groove to Drums

This time I have a small tutorial about making dum patterns in Ableton Live.

Most people already know how to loop using the session view by toggling start and stop. However, did you know that for MIDI tracks you can actually set the loop length in advance. That way you don’t need to worry about quickly pressing “Stop” while you are drumming out a beat.

Once the loop has finished, it will keep repeating. From there you can overdub and add more percussions and sounds etc. User the hollow red recording button for over dubbing.

The default length is “1”, meaning 1 bar. I will normally set it to at least 4.

Many people are against are against quantizing drums, however I will show you a method where you can quantize and still have your drums sounding humanized. As per the video, you basically set up a groove and drag it over your track. There are many to choose from in the groove library, however I recommend that you start off and experience with the 16 bar swing grooves and see how they sound.

Happy beat making

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