R&B Chord Secrets

Here is a method of creating an R&B sounding progression, but playing the same note in minor and major.

This kind of chord progression you don’t see very much but it works well. The only thing to note however is that it will always force a key change. In the Example below I have started with Amin7 then Fmaj7 (Key of C major or A minor). These two chord with always go well together. The 6 and the 4.

Now the trick is to pivot around the 4 (Fmaj in this case) and play the same root but play a minor this time, so play Fmin7. Now after doing this, the key has changed. We are now on No.2 in the key of Eb major (Fmin7), and then resolve to Ebmaj7.

So the full progression is Amin7, Fmaj7, Fmin7, Ebmaj7

See the video below and here is the link to download a Zip file containing both WAV and MIDI files

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