UR 242 – Loopback issue

I decided to purchase a new mixer. My current audio interface UR242 actually already has multiple inputs for both my keyboards, however here is the issue.

When streaming audio or recording live to an external source e.g. video recording / editing software. That software cannot normally “hear” sound coming from the audio. The way around this is to use the “Loopback function”. This is fine however the loopback function uses ports 1 and 2. Now I use input ports 1 and 2 on the UR242 for the Krome, so if I want to record a track on the Krome keyboard and record Live in some video software it is going to record “everything” back through ports 1 and 2.

e.g. In Ableton Live I arm inputs 1 and 2 for recording, then play something through my Krome keyboard. When I listen to that tracks (1 and 2 input) , I hear everything, drums, bass etc. from the other tracks. So the sound has doubled with identical audio sitting on top of each other.

This is okay for a Live performance but definitely not for recording.

The way around this is to route both my keyboards into a mixer – (I recently bought a Mackie Mix5) and then send the combined signal to my audio interface (using ports 3 and 4). Now I can used activate loopback and record to an external video editor. However it does seem like a waste of ports (1 and 2).

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