Making Melodies for R&B

Learning to play chords for R&B is one thing, however the even without a singer it is always a good ideas to place some melody type riffs into your production. This not only makes the track sound more lively, but it also add inspiration for possible vocalists or other musicians. Melodies can always be adjusted later on. The melody I am showing you here is a very simple piano based melody.

We start off by playing a minor 9th. In this example I am playing a Dmin9 which happens to be chord number 2 in the C Major scale. The melody line is a simple 2 step walk backwards from Dmin9 to Dmin7 so it’s “E, D, C”.

The second chord is Amin9 and we basically do the sample 2 step walk from Amin9 to Amin7 which is “B, A, G”

For the third chord I have decided to substitute G7 for Gmin7 which has more of an R&B feel to it but using the same walk down “A, G, F”.

We repeat the same thing Dmin9, Amin9 however for a twist, this time I will using Gmaj9 instead of Gmin9. Here the 2 step walk down will need to follow the key so it will be “A, G, Gb” instead. After this I resolve to Fmaj. It makes sense to use Fmaj7 but for this progression the Fmaj7 sounds a little dissonant therefore I have chosen Fmaj (triad) instead.

Check out the video below for more a demo

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