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Are you producing R&B music but do not have the musical knowledge to create R&B or Neo Soul sounding chords? This is a common problem for many producers that do not have either the time or the budget to hire professional musicians.

Using R&B chord loop packs is an excellent way to put some soul into your productions. All loops available here have the below information.

  • Chord names
  • Key of chord progression
  • WAV files
  • MIDI files

Having the MIDI R&B chord Loops is good for people who want to use their own sound for the chords. You can drag them into any browser and simply link a MIDI instrument to it as per the video below.

Using Ableton Live and the VST plugin “Velvet”

Unlike some other packs, not all chords are in the same key. In order to add variety and tension sounding progressions like Neo Soul, there are what you call “borrowed” chords also in the progressions. The given key will fit your productions however there will often be chords outside the scale for that Neo Soul Jazzy twist.

R&B / Neo Soul chords and loops from this site are all royalty free, which means you can use them in your own productions, however the loops are NOT for resale as is. Tutorial videos are also available for people who would like to learn how to construction R&B or Neo Soul sounding chords themselves.

See below for some sample of R&B chord loops (the packs include Pianos, EPianos, Synths and even some guitars.

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