Easy R&B Minor Chords

A neat little trick I have discovered for linking minor chords together. simply walking up or down 3 half steps to find the next chord. Do note however, the further you move from the root, the more the key changes.

New Membership Area

I will be shortly launching a new Membership Area. This will be a monthly paid subscription section with contents constantly being updated. It will feature Chord Progressions, Learning Videos, Backing Video, Track kits, Chord PADs and many more. This will be all new fresh content. I will update you again with the costs once I …

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Keys and Guitar Jam

I hardly every touch the guitar these days. I know a handful of chords but not really enough to play properly. I other day I picked up the guitar, the first time in around a year. Randomly playing, I found two simple chords Amaj7 and Dmin7. Quite a different vibe when playing on the guitar …

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A New Chord System

I am creating a new never seen before, chord progression building system. What makes this method useful is how it encourages you the bend the rules a little. Sticking to standard theory will always limit your creations, however trying to experiment with chords from difference scales can be rather difficult. Do make sure you are …

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