Chord Charts

Neo Soul, RnB Chord Progression Charts

Learn to play from these easy to follow Neo Soul, RnB Chord progression charts

**** Updated with the Minor 2-5-1 – Jazzy progressions ****

They come in two parts, Minor and Major With WAV & MIDI files

Four chord progressions for all 48 keys giving a total of “96 chord progressions and possible combinations” !!!

The charts show the following

  • Chords, triad, 7th and 9th forms.
  • Below that it has the common jazzy 2-5-1 sequence for the chord.
  • The bottom section shows a number of different chord ideas that go well with the title chord which is Cmaj is this first case. These are not necessarily in the same key.

Click here to download a sample PDF (below for an Audio sample of the chords)

Purchase both together as a package for $9.99

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