Eb Maj / C minor

Cmin_11 EPiano 95 bpm

Cmin_12 Wurly 130 bpm

Cmin_9 Piano 90 bpm

Cmin_10 Guitar 120 bpm

Cmin_7 Organ 130 bpm

Cmin_8 EPiano 85 bpm

Cmin_5 EPiano 130 bpm

Cmin_6 DX Rhodes 90 bpm

Cmin_3 EPiano 90 bpm

Cmin_4 EPiano 70 bpm

Cmin_1 EPiano 80 bpm

Cmin_2 Vibey Rhodes 70 bpm

Ebmaj_1 EPiano130 bpm

Ebmaj_2 Piano140 bpm

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