Membership Chords

Downloads come in both WAV and MIDI formats (also a text file with the chord info.)

Chords B2 July 23th 2020
Chords A2 June 25th 2020 Rhodes

Chords Z1 June 6th 2020 – Rhodes & Piano

Chords X1 May 6th 2020

Chords W1 May 6th 2020
Chords V1 Apr 5th 2020

Chords U1 Feb 20th 2020
Chords T1 (Beat for reference only) Jan 5th 2020
Chords S1 (3 Progressions) Dec 16th 2019
Chords R1 (3 PROGRESSIONS) Dec 5th 2019
Chords Q1 (Nov 10th 2019)
Chords P1 (Oct 29th 2019)
Chords O1 (Oct 14th 2019)
Chords N1 FREE Download (Oct 1st 2019)

Chords M1 (Sep 27th 2019)

Chords L1 September 20th 2019
Chords K1 Sep 16th 2019
Chords J1 Sep 12th 2019
Chords I1 Sep 8th 2019
Chords H1 Sep 7th 2019
Chords G1 Sep 6th 2019
Chords F1 August 10th 2019
Chords E1 August 4th 2019
Chords D1 July 29th 2019
Chords C1 Jul 11th 2019

Chords B1 July 10th 2019
Chords A1 July 9th 2019