I know that there are many producers out there who have very little music theory, cannot play any instruments but have a good ear for music. Geared toward these type of producers I have made some one finger chords.

How are they used?

Basically these are chords which you can play with one finger that can be programmed into an MPC pad or a MIDI-Controller keyboard. The chords will be deep and soulful andmpc-pads I will make chords for all major and minor keys in the 7’s, 9’s and 11’s.

I have now added dominant (7th ) chords for all keys, these will be useful for linking up chord progressions like a jigsaw puzzle. And also some RnB, Neo Soul drum kits.

The main idea will be for people to experiment with them. There are no technically correct or incorrect patterns or sequences. However you will discover how certain chords sound better than others when played in a sequence. It is not always about sticking to the one key, it is about creating colorful and original chord progressions that compliment each other.

Over 120 Major / Minor Smooth One Shot Chords (5 different sounds / textures) – for $4.99