Chords in the key of C (Amin)

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2-5-1 Major

2-5-1 Minor

Recommended borrowed chords

Chord progressions are displayed by each row (read from left to right)

Blue indicates chords in the stated key. Orange indicates borrowed chords

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Piano WAV files along with a MIDI file

Chord progression loops for Cmaj7, Bmin7, Bbmaj7, Amin7 (65 Bpm)

Chord progression loops for Amin7, Dmin7/A, Bbmaj7, Ebmaj7/Bb (65 Bpm)

Chord progression loops for Amin7, E7, Fmaj, Gmaj (70 Bpm)

Members will be able to access the rest of the keys / scales
F Major & G Major scales and chords available - check back for frequent updates