Roy Ayers

The below video is for the chords part of “Searching” which Mary J Blidge and Common also used.

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  1. Thank you showing us the chords. I might use this for a Hip Hop track I am making. I want to try and avoid using too many samples, which I why I want to learn to play.

  2. To the best of your knowledge are these chords part of a particular scale are they are just randomly played ? did they use a scale?

  3. Hello Hezekiah,
    Can you do a break down of what you played after showing the chords the first time?
    The chord inversions, riffs, sustain pedal, etc. Thank you.

  4. Yes Sir. I’m very interested in how to use the sustain pedal. And those great sounding improv riffs you put on the top. Thanks.

  5. Thanks man, doesn’t necessarily have to be this one. Just if you can do a tutorial on how to incorporate the sustain pedal when play chords and some intro ideas what soulful riffs work. Thanks again!

    1. Hi, I have never actually explained the sustain pedal. Probably because I had never seen other resources online.
      Being mainly an electric keyboard player I only use the one simple pedal with the ON/OFF feature.
      I may go into that more in a future tutorial because it ties in with theory. E.g. whether you release or not depends on a lot on whether the “previous” chord is in the same key as the melody you are going to play next.

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