Soulful Chord Machine

The FULL  Soulful Chord Machine is finally here.

As mentioned in a previous post The Soulful Chord Machine is a chord generating instrument for use with NI Kontakt. It works by generating chord progressions from single key presses. There are  12 instruments each with their own key. Each key has it’s corresponding minor key in the filename for your reference e.g. C Major is also A Minor.

How to Use

The bottom Kontakt keyboard will show each key represented by a colour. The below example is the scale of Eb Major.




Black – not active i.e. pressing a black key will not output any sound or MIDI date.

Blue – A chord part of the given scale

Green – A chord outside the scale (borrowed chord) however recommended as part of a possible progression

Red – A chord outside the scale

You are free to change the chord for each key using the appropriate knob. The colours on the onscreen keyboard will automatically change to reflect the status as mentioned above.



Further instructions and details are in the PDF file included with the download.

Do note that this Full version now outputs Rhodes Electric piano samples. However I recommend you try routing the MIDI out for use with your own instruments and sounds.