Jazz Chords

Chart of Jazz Chord Progressions

  This is a reference table for Jazz Chord Progressions using three triad cadences. SCALE CHORD PROGRESSION Major IV-V-I ii-V-I V-ii-I V-IV-I iii-ii-I iii-IV-I Aeolian v-i bVII-iv-i bVI-bVII-i iv-bVII-i bVI-v-i iv-v-i Harmonic Minor iv-V-i V-iv-i bVI-V-i V-bVI-i Harmonic Major iv-V-I V-iv-I iii-iv-I Melodic Minor (asc) IV-V-i ii-V-i Melodic Major (desc) v-iv-I bVII-iv-I Double Harmonic Major …

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