Learn to Play R&B Chords

The site is back. I had some issues with the previous setup and had to start over fresh. There will be no more subscription items however I will be contacting the subscribers with a link containing all the packed items for download.

Learning to play R&B / Neo Soul is a little more than just understanding the theory. It mainly about understanding which chords “from the outside” the theory you can slot into your progressions. For example you could learn all the typical progressions like 2-5-1. 1-4-5, 1-5-6-4, they will sound familiar however probably not what you want for R&B regardless of the combination you use. This is where most people get stuck. You are more likely to get closer to R&B using some random chord generator.

Why would a random chord generator work? Simply because it may throw in chords that do not belong in the scale but produce some interesting sounds. This is mainly what I do when composing R&B or Neo Soul type chord progressions. It’s really about going outside your comfort zone and finding chords combinations that sound good rather than chords that are theoretically good.

For example, a simple 2-5-1 in the key of C Major would be Dmin, Gmaj, Cmaj. However what if we switch the last Cmaj to a Cmin. It doesn’t belong there in terms of theory, however that does not matter, it sounds good. This is just an example of how to get more adventurous which your music. You can find much more in the SK Learning Package

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