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  • Chord Cheat Sheets

    I have decided to start posting some chord cheat sheets up for FREE. The password for the downloads will be in the most recent newsletter I sent out. If you are not subscribed then please do from the bottom of the Cheat Sheets page These sheets are PDF files containing a number of chords progressions …

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  • Soulful EDM Chords

    I am now working on a new Soulful EDM (House, Dance) Chords pack. I did some searching around for similar packs but did not find much with the soulful house chords. Most packs have the standard fixed key chord progressions usually in Eminor or Aminor, so I’ve decided to make a whole new pack based …

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  • Apple and Google Pay

    I have updated the payment processor so Apple / Google Pay are also accepted. Various other European direct bank payments are also available

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